Why you should buy a chicken’s menu from Carlos Slim

What’s the best way to eat a chicken?

We’ve looked at the pros and cons of chicken, but what if you’re just getting into chicken-themed eating?

Here’s a list of places to try: Chicken in the Woods, a Houston-based chain that offers a chicken-centric menu in a theme park setting, offers an array of dishes, from grilled chicken to grilled steak.

It also sells a chicken taco bowl, which comes with rice, corn tortillas, chicken, and a side of salsa.

The restaurant’s chicken is also cooked to order.

But if you like chicken wings, there are also other options.

One of the best things about this Houston-themed chain is that it’s got a wide variety of dishes on offer.

They’ve got chicken wings with rice and corn tortilla chips, chicken nuggets, and grilled chicken.

But you’ll need to make your own chicken nugget sauce.

Here’s what to do with a chicken nudge: