Why do you think the Walmart slime rancher is the best-selling plush toy in India?

An Amazon India product listing has a question mark over it.

It says “why do you like Walmart slime?” and it has “logitech” in the headline.

But if you scroll down, the question mark disappears, leaving “logic” behind.

What’s the logic behind the question?

The question is answered on Amazon’s site.

“Why do you want to buy the Walmart Slime rancher?” it asks.

It does not specify the brand, but says the item is for children and is priced at Rs 1,499 (about $2).

It says the product is also available in other countries.

Amazon has a lot of plushies in India.

The country’s biggest seller is the Amazon Prime subscription service, which allows subscribers to buy a range of items including toys, furniture and accessories.

There are also products from Amazon’s online grocery delivery service, AmazonFresh, that can be picked up at Walmart stores.

Walmart has a big presence in India, and many of its products are popular among Indian children.