When the world is still scared of the clowns

King Slime Terraria is a new game by King Slime and Pokemon GO developer Nexon that you might remember.

The game features a wide variety of Pokemon-themed items, including a Slim thug outfit for your little thug.

And now you can grab the Slime rancher for your new slimes.

It’s a creepy looking lizard with an explosive tongue.

Its name means “Slime ranchers head” in Japanese.

The Slim thug looks like a standard clown, but it has a long tongue that is meant to be a weapon.

The Slim rancher also has a unique ability called “slime kick.”

It lets you move a small object that can stun the opponent and give you an extra life.

You’ll have to defeat a number of different types of Pokemon to get your Slim ranchers name.

It will be available for download in November.

King Slime Terrarium will be launching for Android and iOS on October 31st.