Walmart: ‘The Slims’ are ‘too cute to get away with’

Walmart has announced it will introduce a new product line called “The Slim,” which will be available in the U.S. starting in February.

“We are excited to bring a new line of products to our customers that are both affordable and fun,” Walmart President Joe Garza said in a statement.

“The slim” will feature “slip on” products and be available at a lower price than the “slim” product line.

Walmart has previously introduced a line of “sugar-free” products called “Sugar Free,” “Pumpkin Spice” and “Kosher Salt.”

“The new line will be offered in Walmart stores and online at beginning Feb. 7,” Walmart said in the statement.

The new line includes a line “The Sultry Slim,” a line that features “slipping on” soft drinks, snacks, and desserts that are “delicious, low in fat, and high in nutrition,” Walmart noted.

“And finally, the Slim Collection, a line featuring a range of high-quality Slims and Slimettes, which are designed to keep you slim while keeping your taste buds happy.”

The announcement comes a day after Walmart launched a “soul-crushing” line of beauty products, including “Soul Crushing” lipsticks, “Soul Crush” lip glosses and “Soul Smashing” lip balms.

The company has also released a line called The Slim Collection for men.

The line is “designed for men to be more masculine and masculine-like while still delivering the perfect shade of lipstick, gloss or lip balm,” Walmart says.