Which of the slimes is best?

A pair of slim bougie slimes that you may have never heard of.

These slimes are among the top 5 most popular pornstars of all time.

A slim bough of slimes.

Source: Polygon Slimes and the Slice of Life in Slice Porn, a film by The Slim Bouler, tells the story of two slim bums, Slim Boully and the Thin Squire, who get into an argument about who should get the job of cleaning the slime ranch.

They both have the same idea, and they go on a journey to find out.

The movie features some really great action and a few great moments, and if you’ve seen any of Slice’s other work, you’ll know that it’s definitely worth a watch.

Check out the trailer above and head over to Polygon to see what the rest of the Slime Porn community has to say about the film.