How to slim your jeans

Slimmer jeans are the new slimming slacks, according to a new fashion trend from the British fashion blog The American Conservatives.

“The trend is about getting slim but with a slightly more rounded silhouette,” The American Conservativists wrote in a post on the site.

The blog also suggests that skinny jeans should be worn with slimming accessories, like a slimy slipper or a slim waistband.

The trend has gained traction over the past few years, especially among men.

But the American Conservative has since deleted its post.

Slimming jeans are popular among fashion-forward men.

They look more like skinny jeans and are easier to style, especially for slim figures.

But some women are against slimming jeans.

According to a survey by the fashion blog, women were split on whether slimming pants were right for them, with 32 percent saying that they should be kept slim, 30 percent that they shouldn’t, and 13 percent saying they were unsure.

For a look at what slimming slimming styles look like, check out these photos of some slimming denim jeans.

Slim Jim Tool: An Open Source Slim Belt Tool for the Barbell

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