When you get it right, Slim’s the best player in the world

The NBA is a game of inches.

It’s a game where the best players are defined by their feet.

That’s because there’s only so much you can do to change that.

The most important thing you can learn about a player’s game is how they can shoot.

That starts with their feet, of course, but it’s also about their technique.

If you watch a basketball player, they’ll often have a very precise shot that’s very well-defined.

They’ll usually make it very precise.

If a shot is too loose, they can’t shoot it well.

They’re not very good at finding the right spot to hit the ball.

They can’t just shoot it from the side of the court, either.

You want them to be a little bit of a mess.

It helps them to get better, and you want them on the court.

That can be difficult, especially in the early days of the game.

For the most part, the best athletes can shoot the ball on the move.

They have to be really good at it.

But it’s really difficult to get a feel for them as they’re coming off the bench.

That is where you get to know them.

You can’t be watching a game, and they’re not watching a player.

You’ve got to be watching the game and seeing what they’re doing.

They’ve got a little more of a knack for that.

If they can get better at it, they could be a superstar.

So the NBA is an evolving game.

If players are getting better and better, the game can grow and grow.

And they have to get there faster than ever.

The NBA has a great roster of stars.

There are so many great players, so many top-tier players.

It would be unfair to suggest that they all play the same position.

The best players can be interchangeable.

The players who are really good players in one role or another, you have to try to develop them all into one.

The league is changing all the time.

You need a coach who can get the best out of the best.

If there’s a superstar on the roster, the league can develop a new generation of superstars.

The first step is figuring out how to keep the best in line.

The second step is trying to get the team to play at a level where they can play at their best.