Slim, Thick and Spicy Slime Farm Is Now Officially Open

Spicy Spicy Slime Farm, a new farm and bakery in the heart of Salt Lake City, is now open.

Owner and co-founder Mark Pestock explained that his shop, which opened last weekend, was originally meant to be a temporary store until he could bring in enough money to make a permanent restaurant.

“I’ve been a farmer for 20 years and I’ve never had to think about how I would get a paycheck,” Pestocks told The Salt Lake Tribune.

Pestock, who also owns a large bakery in Salt Lake, has been running the business for about a year, selling the produce from his farm to local restaurants.

This summer, the restaurant was named one of the “Top 10 Places to Eat for Awesome” in Utah.

The store also sells items like cheese, cookies, ice cream, cakes, bread and more, as well as snacks and pastries.

I think it’s great that we can finally serve our customers what they want, he said.

Slime Farm opened its doors on June 3.

According to Pestocked, the location is the first in the nation to open in a major Salt Lake area.

Since opening, the shop has sold about $500 worth of products.

It is located at 2770 W. 14th Ave., Salt Lake.

When you’re on the go and have a tire slime recipe in your mind, you’re in luck!

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