Logitech slim Folio: Logitech Slim Folio Review

“When I’m done with my day, I just want to get out of here,” he said.

“I can’t be bothered to sit there and talk about it.

I just need to go out and do what I need to do.

I’m going to go to work.

That’s it.”

The news comes just days after Logitech released a new version of its slim keyboard.

It features the same key caps and layout as its slim desktop counterpart, but now comes in a sleek black-and-gold design.

Logitech has said the slim Folios are the only keyboards it will be offering for at least the next year.

But the slim keyboard has been a divisive product.

In the US, Logitech’s slim keyboard sales have plummeted.

The slim Foliot has sold less than 50,000 units, compared to the roughly 40,000 that the slim PC sold during the same time period.

Logiros slim keyboard is now available in India, where it’s expected to become the countrys third biggest seller.