How to use the slim and soulja slim prints for your next wedding, wedding planner or event

You don’t have to go overboard with your wedding photos, but you do need to be smart about the framing.

So here are some tips for framing your photos in the best way possible.


Frame the photos with a black and white palette to keep the background from distracting from the photos 2.

Frame your photos using a dark tone to keep them from looking washed out 3.

Frame photos with contrasting colors to make them stand out from each other to create a more dynamic look for your wedding guests 4.

Frame them using a sharp background to emphasize your subject and the couple to create an inviting mood for your guests to enjoy 5.

Frame a photo so the viewer can feel that they are being taken in the moment, but also be able to appreciate the beauty of the wedding and the moment that you are capturing 6.

Frame shots to emphasize the event and the love story that you and your partner are building 7.

Frame at a different angle to maximize the exposure of your subjects 8.

Use a tripod to frame the shots to get the perfect framing for your event 9.

Use an Instagram filter to get your photos to stand out in a creative way to capture a unique moment for your clients 10.

Use your favorite photo editing app to make your photos as beautiful and professional as possible.

So get out there and take photos of your wedding and your wedding planner today!