How to make slim aardons from scratch

It seems like a simple trick, but the slim aaron is a staple in many people’s kitchens.

Its a recipe I’ve been using since I first saw it in a cookbook by the French chef Georges Delon in 1976.

Slim aardon is made with a thin slab of meat cut into strips and stacked on top of a plastic sheet.

It’s a classic French dish that, for decades, has served as a simple way to use up leftover scraps.

The slab is then filled with flour and then simmered in a small pot with a little oil until it’s almost set.

The result is a dish that’s slightly chewy and soft, but it’s still packed with nutrients, so you’ll still get plenty of texture.

I made this recipe to be made for a crowd, so I added a dollop of butter to the mixture to give it a nice, buttery crust.

I then used the leftover scraps to make a thin layer of breadcrumbs, which I coated with a bit of butter, to add some extra crunch.

The final result is really good.

The aaron can be made with any meat or fish, so the crust is up to your personal taste.

But if you’re looking for a quick, easy, and easy way to make this dish, you’ll love this recipe.

You can make this recipe in any amount of time, and it’s great for lunch, dinner, or snack.


Recipe Notes This recipe uses 1 pound of beef, and can be topped with whatever you like.

To make this meatless recipe vegetarian, you could also use chicken or turkey instead.

The crust is made in a pan.