How to Get the Best Keto Supplements

This week’s installment of the Weekly Keto Supplements Roundup will focus on the keto supplement line from the Slim can cooler. 

The Slim can is a new, smaller version of the Slim line. 

It comes in two flavors: Slim Diet Slim or Slim Diet Diet Slim Plus. 

Slim Diet Slim is a slimline version of Slim Diet. 

Unlike Slim Diet, Slim Diet Plus is a ketogenic supplement with a slightly lower carb content. 

Like Slim Diet and Slim Diet Lite, Slim Can is also a keto-friendly supplement. 

As far as I know, it’s not a ketosis supplement.

Slim Can has an estimated net weight of 5.4 grams and has a carb content of 3.4 g/100 grams. 

That’s a slightly higher carb content than Slim Diet and Slim Diet LITE. 

I’ll also be reviewing a variety of Slim Can products and supplements in this week’s roundup.

The Slim Can line of supplements comes in a variety flavors, including Slim Diet; Slim Diet 2; Slim Can Lite; Slim diet Plus; Slim can Cooler; Slim Cooler Plus; and Slim Cooling Gel. 

Most of these Slim Can supplements are available in their own, separate bottles. 

There are also Slim Diet packs that come with different flavors of Slim Coolers. 

You’ll also find Slim Diet products like Slim Diet Pack 1, Slim Coolor Pack 1 and Slim Slim Coolin Pack 1. 

In short, there are a lot of different products to choose from in the Slim Can range. 

Below, I’ll be reviewing the Slim Cool Cooler and Slim Can packs.

The following products will also be included in this roundup. 

These products have been included for completeness, but may not match the actual brands in this post. 

If I miss any, please let me know in the comments.

Pills and Kits: Sculptor’s Slim Can Kit comes in four flavors: Diet Slim, Slim, Diet Diet Plus, and Slim Chill. 

While Slim Cool is a Ketogenic Supplement, this one is a Keto Friendly supplement.

It has a net weight of 4.6 grams and a carb content of 3.2 g/110 grams.

The Slim Cool Kit comes with two different types of Slim Chill Packs: Slim Chill Plus and Slim Chip Chill.

These packs are both ketogenic, meaning they have a lower carb and higher fat content than most other keto supplements. 

They are also a bit higher in calories than other Ketogenic Supplements. 

Additionally, the Slim Chill packs have a small amount of water in them. 

Both Slim Chill and Slim Pack 1 come in different colors and flavors.

Finally, Slim Chill comes in three flavors: Super Slim, Super Slim Lite, and Super Slim Chill Lite. 

All of these are Ketogenic supplements, and each one of them has a slightly different ketogenic content.

The Slim Cool Pack is the only one that comes with a ketone content.

 Super Slim Lite comes in the same color as Super Slim. 

Super Slow Cooler comes in different flavors: Smooth, Smooth Lite, Smooth Chill, and Smooth Chill Lite . 

These are the two different flavors for the Super Slow Coolers in the pack. 

This Slim Cool Can kit is made up of six different Slim Chill Pack Packs: Super Slow Chill Plus, Super Slow Slim Chill, Super Smooth Chill Plus (Slim Cooler Lite), and Super Slow Slow Chill Lite (Sulcan Cooler). 

These packs have slightly different keto content, but are all ketogenic. 

Also included in the kit are three different Slim Cool Packs: Smooth Chip Chill, Smooth Cooler Chill, & Smooth Chill Light. 

Finally, there’s the Slim Chip Packs, which are all a little different. 

Each pack has two different Slim Chip Chills: Smooth Lite and Smooth Chip Chip Chill Lite  These two packs are a bit lower in calories and ketogenic than other ketogenic supplements.

There’s also a Slim Chill Gel, which comes in one of three flavors. 

Some people like the smooth flavor of the Gel because it is a bit softer and easier to apply than the other flavors.

The Smooth Chill Gel comes in black, orange, or pink. 

Lastly, there is a Slim Cool Chill Light, which is a more light green shade of green.

While I’ve been using the Slim Ice Pack for years, I didn’t have the chance to try the Slim Light Gel for myself. 

On the bright side, it has the same ketogenic as the Slim Heat Pack. 

Other Ketogenic Products: Pill and Kits from the Keto Cooling line: The Keto coolers come in two different colors: Cool Cool or Cool Cool Plus.

Both colors have similar ketogenic and carb content: 2.4 and 3.