Why do you think the Walmart slime rancher is the best-selling plush toy in India?

An Amazon India product listing has a question mark over it.

It says “why do you like Walmart slime?” and it has “logitech” in the headline.

But if you scroll down, the question mark disappears, leaving “logic” behind.

What’s the logic behind the question?

The question is answered on Amazon’s site.

“Why do you want to buy the Walmart Slime rancher?” it asks.

It does not specify the brand, but says the item is for children and is priced at Rs 1,499 (about $2).

It says the product is also available in other countries.

Amazon has a lot of plushies in India.

The country’s biggest seller is the Amazon Prime subscription service, which allows subscribers to buy a range of items including toys, furniture and accessories.

There are also products from Amazon’s online grocery delivery service, AmazonFresh, that can be picked up at Walmart stores.

Walmart has a big presence in India, and many of its products are popular among Indian children.

When you’re a slimmer person, you can have a whole new sense of style

The world is going into a new golden age of slimming, with the trend increasingly seen as a way to combat the weight gain associated with obesity.

But when you’re in India, you have a better chance of getting a good sense of your body shape than you do at a beach.

And that’s where slimmer people can get a bit of a boost, too.

According to a study carried out by researchers at the Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical Science (JNIMS) and National Centre for Health Research, slimmerness is an important factor in getting a better quality of life in India.

And the study suggests that the more slimmer you are, the better you will be at making decisions about your lifestyle.

According the study, people with a slim body mass index (BMI) of less than 30 kg/m2 have a much better quality-of-life than people who are 30 kg or more overweight.

The researchers said they wanted to find out how a person’s body shape affected their life-quality.

To get to the bottom of this, they asked 843 women and 818 men to complete an online questionnaire about their daily activities.

They then compared their data with data from a database of more than 10 million Indians who answered questions about their diet and lifestyle.

They found that people with an average BMI of between 20 and 30 kg had a good chance of living a healthier lifestyle than those who were more obese.

Those with a BMI of 30 kg and above had a better than 50 percent chance of making it through the next 10 years compared to those with a average BMI below 20 kg.

Those who had an average of 30 to 40 kg also had a greater chance of remaining healthy than those with an even lower BMI.

Those over 40 kg had the best chance of surviving 10 years than those under 30 kg.

But there was a significant difference between those who had a BMI between 20 to 30 kg as well as those who measured between 20.7 and 21.5 kg.

The study said it is important for people to take these findings into consideration.

While it is true that slimmer body shapes can be associated with improved quality of health and a more active lifestyle, the study also said the benefits could also be spread over the whole of the population.

Clinton campaign launches ad blitz to raise $10 million in 30 days to help Trump’s re-election bid

POLITICO TOP STORYHillary Clinton’s campaign is launching an ad blitz that it says will help the Republican nominee reclaim the White House in November.

The campaign said Monday it will air a spot attacking President Donald Trump’s response to the Las Vegas massacre and his response to an attack on a Muslim woman in New York City, which the Trump campaign blamed on “radical Islamic terrorism.”

“In this attack on the innocent civilians of Las Vegas, President Trump failed to call out the cowardly shooter in the deadliest mass shooting in American history and instead chose to blame the killer on Muslims,” Clinton campaign communications director Amanda Renteria said in a statement.

The ad will air in battleground states and states that have not gone to the polls this cycle, including Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, North Carolina, Florida, and Florida’s 18 electoral votes.

It will also air in states Trump won in November, including North Carolina and Ohio.

The ads will air on social media and television in battleground swing states and will run in more than 100 markets.

They will also include digital and mail advertising in swing states, and digital and digital mail in states Clinton won in 2016.

The campaign said the ad will run throughout the election cycle.

The attacks on Trump come after the FBI released a scathing report this week that concluded the president was personally responsible for the attack on Congress.

The report found that Trump had not been truthful about the nature of the attack and that the gunman was a homegrown Muslim who had previously been flagged by federal authorities.

When the US Supreme Court ruled that the US constitution protects cartoons in schools

India’s highest court has ruled that its constitution does not guarantee freedom of speech or expression, in a landmark ruling that could potentially reshape the world of Indian politics.

India’s Supreme Court today rejected a petition filed by the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the case of an article in the Constitution of India that the country’s chief minister has said protects cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

India was one of a handful of countries to make such a constitutional amendment in the early days of the republic, in 2005, but the constitution, which has never been amended since, does not protect freedom of expression, as the US supreme court had said in 2009.

Today’s ruling from the Supreme Court was seen as a setback for the BJP, which had sought to use the ruling to defend its anti-establishment politics and push for the party to be allowed to form government in the state of Gujarat.

The party had also sought to have the ruling overturned on the grounds that the constitution was unconstitutional.

Chief Justice N.S. Thakur, who is overseeing the case, said he could not rule on the constitutionality of the Article 18 which protects cartoons from being printed in newspapers or in other places.

However, he said that the courts had to examine whether the article was clear in its application.

The Supreme Court in 2009 ruled that Article 18 of the Indian Constitution, which guarantees freedom of thought, expression and assembly, was unconstitutional, but also ordered that the government should make amendments to it.

India has been divided since its independence from Britain in 1947.

It has been ruled by the Bharatiyan Janata party (Bjp) and the Bharat Ratna Party (BRP) since 2007.

How to survive a slime rancher in multiplayer?

The Slim Goodbody game from developer Slim, the company behind the game, Slim Ranch, is a single player survival game in which players will have to fend off enemies with sticks, axes, and a sword.

While this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about a Slim Ranch game, it’s the first one that has multiplayer functionality.

The game will be released on Steam on March 16, with a PlayStation 4 version scheduled for release sometime later this year.

As for Slim’s plans for the Slim Goodbodies, Slim said it wants to release two games on Steam and at least one on consoles in the next year.

Slim Ranch was created by former Microsoft employee Jodie Tipton.

It has an open-world setting and features many of the same elements found in Slim Ranch’s original game, like zombies and a large variety of enemies.

The gameplay is very similar to the original Slim Ranch except that players now have access to a sword and axes instead of the stick.

The Slim Ranch trailer below features gameplay from the game.

How to slim your waistline for a healthier lifestyle

China is a country that’s been battling obesity for decades.

And for good reason.

China is one of the world’s largest consumers of energy-dense snacks, and one of its biggest consumers of sugar-sweetened beverages.

And the country’s government has made sure to include healthy food in all of its health policies.

But for many Chinese, slimming is a difficult task.

According to a study published in the Journal of Obesity, more than 50 percent of Chinese adults were considered obese at the time they were surveyed.

And although China has made strides in reducing obesity over the past decade, the obesity rate is still rising, according to the World Health Organization.

As a result, China has been cracking down on fat-loss efforts, particularly in the country where people spend the most money on unhealthy snacks, such as sugary drinks and sugary snacks with added fats.

In a country where more than one in three adults are obese, that means nearly 70 million people are overweight.

It’s a problem that the country has been struggling with for decades, and in the last few years, the country is making big changes to try to address it.

To help people lose weight, China’s government created a National Health and Nutrition Plan (NHNP) in 2007.

This plan was meant to guide people toward healthy living.

The plan encouraged people to reduce their calorie intake and increase their physical activity.

According to the plan, Chinese adults should aim to lose between five and six percent of their body weight each year.

By 2020, the goal was to reach at least 15 percent of body weight loss.

In the NHNP, people were also encouraged to follow a few guidelines.

They were also told to eat fewer sugary and sudsy snacks, eat more fruits and vegetables and limit alcohol consumption.

In addition, the NHNP encouraged people not to overeat.

And, while the NHP was meant as a guideline, the government also offered advice to health care professionals and public health officials.

In 2012, China also launched a National Program to Prevent Obesity (NPOP), which has seen a lot of progress over the last two years.

Since it began, China recorded an overall reduction of almost 50 percent in its obesity rate, and the country now ranks as the number one country in the world in terms of obesity rates.

It’s not just about reducing the number of calories you eat though.

According the Chinese government, a healthy diet includes lots of fruits and veggies, lean protein, and healthy fats.

And it’s also important to get enough rest.

According the NHNNP, people should spend at least two hours a day of their time getting to sleep.

This can mean sleeping in, staying up late or getting up early to get the best possible sleep.

The Chinese government also encourages people to eat healthily.

In 2011, China became the first country in world to require health care providers to be trained to understand and treat obesity.

And since then, the health care system has started implementing many of the government’s recommendations.

While the health of the Chinese population is important to China, the problem of obesity is even more important to the global health system.

For that reason, many countries have made changes to their food and nutrition policies in recent years.

According a recent report by the World Economic Forum, countries such as the U.S., France, Canada, Japan, and Brazil are leading the way in changing their dietary habits.

And these changes are working.

In fact, countries that have made the biggest gains in cutting down on their weight-related obesity rates in recent decades have seen the largest improvements in their health.

As for China, its health care overhaul is part of a broader effort to combat the world health crisis, and as a result the country will have a very important role to play in the battle against the obesity epidemic.

‘It is a tragedy’ that the former Juventus captain could have died from complications of diabetes

It is a tragic loss for the Giallorossi that it was possible that the young star would have died of complications of a disease called type 2 diabetes.

However, his former coach, Giovanni Trapattoni, has confirmed that the midfielder is still recovering from the condition and will have to undergo further tests.

“I think it is a shame that he could have passed away because he is a talented, intelligent, hard-working player,” Trapattini told Sky Sport Italia.

“He had a long career with Juventus.

I wish him the best for the future.”

Gialloblu has spent the last few months recovering in a hospital after suffering from severe dehydration and dehydration-related complications in a training ground accident.

He had recently returned to training and he could not continue, but Trapatti believes he is in good spirits and ready to play.

“It is impossible to predict what will happen,” Trapitti said.

What went wrong? “

The first question is: why?

What went wrong?

I know that it is difficult to speak about a person’s condition.

I have always said that there is no one who has a more natural talent than the player.”

PS4 Slim and the $200,000 price tag

The PlayStation 4 Slim and $200K price tag may be shocking to some but it’s also true: The hardware isn’t even that expensive.

But there’s another hardware issue that’s been largely ignored by most consumers: the price.

The PlayStation Store is a major source of content for Sony, which has been able to make money off of selling hardware at a reasonable price.

However, the service is also heavily dependent on the software that powers it.

With that in mind, there are several different ways that Sony can make money on the PS4.

One way is by charging gamers a monthly fee that allows the service to continue to operate at a minimal level.

The other is by selling the PS5 in retail stores.

If the latter option is the right one for you, then it’s worth looking into the PlayStation Store.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before buying: It’s possible to purchase PS5 hardware and hardware accessories at the PlayStation store.

You can find this through the PlayStation app or through the PS Store.

When you purchase PS4 hardware, you’ll be able to pay for it in cash or by way of a credit card.

In most cases, you won’t be able transfer your purchase to a PS4 that you own.

You’ll be asked to provide a security code when you enter the code.

When purchasing PS5 accessories, you can pick up a PS5 Pro, a PS Vita, a controller, or a PlayStation Camera.

Some of these are also available in a bundle at a discounted price.

It’s also possible to buy a PSN account for PS4-branded hardware or accessories, but the system will be restricted to PSN users.

This means that you won’st be able access content from other online services.

For example, you wouldn’t be allowed to access the PlayStation Network or the PlayStation App on a PS3 or PS Vita.

The PSN has also been a target of Sony’s wrath for a number of years.

Sony has repeatedly argued that it doesn’t need to pay fees to access online services like Netflix or Hulu.

The company has claimed that it has no control over how these services are run.

If you have a PS Plus subscription, you will be able stream content from these sites.

However that service doesn’t currently have a subscription fee.

For more information, check out the PlayStation blog.

There’s also a $200 yearly fee for the PSN and PS Plus membership.

That money will go towards the cost of PSN subscriptions and the cost for PlayStation Plus.

If that’s too much, there’s also the possibility of using a third-party app to access content.

That way, you have an easier time of watching TV shows and movies that you might not otherwise be able because of the limitations of the PS3.

But you’ll need to fork over some cash.

Sony hasn’t commented on the PlayStation Plus price, but it seems likely that it will be around the $500 mark.

Sony’s new PlayStation Plus subscription service was announced in April.

There is a $50 annual fee that goes towards the costs of the subscription.

That fee will be waived for those with a Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) account.

Those with an SEN account will be charged $60 per month for a lifetime subscription.

There are other restrictions on the number of users that can be on the service.

It is also not possible to sign up for the service via Facebook.

This is a good reason to take advantage of the PlayStation 4.

For those who don’t have a SEN account, it’s still possible to join PlayStation Plus through Facebook.

It should be noted that the PS Plus program will require you to be in the United States to use the service, which is not a problem for some people.

But for the vast majority of people in the U.S., PS Plus is not the best option.

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Read more about Sony and PlayStation.

When Slime was born, we thought it would be a cool video

When slime was born a decade ago, its creators were still trying to figure out the best way to get the idea of the slime mold to the consumer.

A lot of what makes it a meme is the fact that it’s a video, a GIF, or a short, but what if it were an actual, tangible product?

The answer to that question is a slime mold.

The idea for SlimeMold started with a post on Reddit, an online message board that hosts threads about all things related to slime.

On the forum, users began creating animated GIFs of slime mold, and they even started calling it SlimeMood.

In January 2015, the team decided to create a commercial to be aired on RTÉ’s The Slice.

“There’s a lot of people talking about slime, and the concept of slime, I think, is the same as the concept that made us slime,” says Mattie Moggill, a marketing manager with the company.

“Slime is a term that’s very close to us.

We love that it came from a subreddit and it’s about slime.”

The commercial was broadcast on RTE in May 2015 and, although it didn’t get as much attention as the SlimeMould GIF, it did earn a big audience.

The idea of a slime-themed ad was born.

“The people who were watching were talking about it on the show,” Moggil says.

“That was a huge success.

It was pretty much all the slime in the world.”

In March, SlimeMound launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the commercial.

It raised $30,000 by the end of the month, which is when the commercial’s production company, E.F.C. Media, was founded.

A month later, the company was selling merchandise.

The slime molds in SlimeMauld are made with a process called mass production.

The slime is grown in a vacuum chamber and then heated and pressed into shape.

A laser is used to make the mold’s shape.

This process is so powerful that it could melt metal and could also freeze ice, according to E. F.

C Media.

Slime molds are produced using mass production and mass production of the mold.

(Photo: E.E. F C MEDIA)After the commercial aired on the RTÉ show, the slime mould quickly became a phenomenon, garnering a huge amount of interest and a few million views.

A quick search on YouTube shows that the slime mould has been watched by more than 10 million people.

The commercial has been downloaded more than 3.5 million times, and its success was reflected in other viral marketing campaigns.

In April, the campaign was featured on a T-shirt, and soon, the Slime Mould meme started making the rounds.

“I was just like, ‘Yeah, that’s funny, I’ll try that again’,” Moggell says.

SlimeMuld is still going strong, and SlimeMogill says the company is in the process of getting the mold into production.

“It’s a really exciting time,” she says.

It took a while for the product to reach consumers, but after SlimeMild hit the airwaves, the commercial got picked up by several other publications, including BuzzFeed, Mashable, and The Verge.

The SlimeMld has even become a trend among women.

“We’ve been seeing more and more women in the tech space,” says Moggiller.

“And it’s kind of crazy to think that we’ve been doing it for so long and it hasn’t happened yet.”