A-Rod to hit the market for $300M?

A-ROD: What’s going to happen?

Will he hit the open market for his next big payday?

The answer to those questions and more is on the horizon.

The A-rods biggest financial backer, hedge fund manager Jefferies, and its chief operating officer and chief financial officer, Bill Shih, will unveil their plans to buy the Yankees, with the former saying the team is “the most valuable asset in the world.”

The Yankees are also likely to move in on former teammate and team legend Alex Rodriguez, the Yankees’ former general manager who could command $300 million to $400 million if the team does sell him.

The Yankees will probably not make the move before the trade deadline, which is March 9.

But they may decide to make a move before then, possibly during the offseason.

A few teams have been linked to A-rod and the Yankees.

They include the Philadelphia Phillies, who have been trying to acquire A-roe since the beginning of the year.

A-ROADS spokesman Kevin Dorman said the team has not received a call from any other club yet.

A-ROAD has also been linked with a potential deal with former New York Mets outfielder Jorge Posada, who would make $100 million if he were to leave the Mets and become an unrestricted free agent.

Posada, a four-time All-Star and four- time Gold Glove winner, hit .271/.319/.433 with 21 homers, 82 RBIs, 12 stolen bases and 17 steals last season.

He is eligible for a $10 million salary and is eligible to sign with another team.

The Dodgers have been mentioned as a potential buyer of A-ros, with general manager Ned Colletti having previously said the franchise would “love to” acquire Aro.

But a report from ESPN.com said the Dodgers are in talks with A-Ro about a deal that would pay A-ror $150 million per year for five years.

The Los Angeles Times reported on Thursday that the Dodgers and A-Robotics are talking to Aro about a new contract.

They also reported the Dodgers were in talks about a potential $150M deal for A-raks.