A rainbow slime factory in Australia could be on its way to the US

The rainbow slime is a major industry in Australia and has a global presence.

It is made from the skin of a rainbow frog and is used to make a range of household products including soap, shampoo and deodorant.

But in Australia, it is considered a pesticide, meaning it can be used to kill pests.

The slime has been around for a long time, and it is thought to have originated in China, but it is still considered a pest.

The problem with slime The Australian government is trying to address the problem.

In September, the Australian government announced it was looking to import a batch of the slime to Australia.

“This is an important step in tackling the threat of the harmful chemicals in slime from China,” said Environment Minister Michael Kroger in a statement.

It is believed the slime was imported into Australia by a Chinese company.

The company, called Rainbow Slime Manufacturing, is based in China.

China has been importing slime for a very long time.

The Chinese government has been using the slime for decades to make cosmetics, as well as industrial processes.

There is no evidence that the slime is linked to the deaths of hundreds of fish in Australia.

But the problem has been a problem in Australia for decades.

Australian Greens MP Peter Whish-Wilson, who is also a member of the Australian Greens Parliament, said it was a very big step forward for Australia.

“It’s a great step for Australia to be a leader in fighting against this toxic substance,” he said.

Australia is also seeking a ban on the slime, as it is believed to be causing serious health problems.

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